54 War Correspondents K.I.A. WWII
A Gripping Account of War Journalism 1940-1945 by Doral Chenoweth

The Wall Street Journal / 22 October 2011



Covering a Sick Sick World...
...a last hope...a free media...

The Wall Street Journal / 22 October 2011
Obama Ends the Nine-Year War in Iraq:
Reporters died; 4,469 troops died; 32,213 U.S. troops wounded...

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Obama Ends the Nine-Year War in Iraq:
Reporters died; 4,469 troops died; 32,213 U.S. troops wounded... icasualities.org

The final count in lives and property, wounded still to be
cared for by a greatful nation, the detailed count on the
thousands of private contractors used in the U. S....here's
a grim picture seldom revealed during the nine years...

Committee to Protect Journalists
Defending Journalists Worldwide

journalists killed in action: 35 confirmed...
deaths by type: Murdered, in combat crossfire,
on dangerous assignments...881 journalists
killed since 1992...

The Overseas Press Club of America was formed in 1939
by a group of reporters...later to be combat correspondents
when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in December 1941.

Original intent was to keep tabs on war reporting. Today OPC
is the source for almost daily coverage across the globe.
Example: When Al-Jazzier scooped competition on Gadoid's
capture and death, OPT had the details that appeal to writers,
reporters and historians. Bottom OPT line: The continued
fight for press freedom around the world...

Foreign Correspondents' Club, Hong Kong
The most famous of them all..where real
reporters from around he globe meet to
eat, drink and gossip...the club works
with reciprocal agreements with press clubs
around the world...the club is a survivor of the
China wars of hte 1940s...started in Shanghai,
moved to Hong Kong in 1949...

America's, maybe the Free World's, premier journalism school -- the Newseum in Washington, D. C. -- an interactive museum.
While the Newseum features seven levels of galleries and theaters relating to all things journalism history, one Internet service is a showcase of today's newspaper front pages...today's print front pages from 228 newspapers from 25 countries. Example: Anchorage Daily News, archived from 20 March 2003...headline U.S. STRIKES...the cover story on "Bush announces war to 'disarm Iraq'" For fun and enlightenment once on this teaching-learning website, click into your favorite or hometown daily newspaper...understand why there will always be ink-on-newsprint journalism to keep you informed....and free...


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