A Gripping Account of 54 War Correspondents K.I.A. in WWII 1940-1945 by Doral Chenoweth


Chapter XI
Combat Photoqraphers

Although the men who took the pictures missed getting their names in the war reports, they often labored under more trying conditions than those facing the writers. Indeed, the combat photographers accounted for six of the deceased war correspondents. (1) Harold Kulick, accredited to Popular Science monthly, died in England as a non-battle casualty after spending many months in the front line areas. He illustrated stories written by writer Hickman Powell. (2) Lucien LaBaudt, 55-year-old Life Magazine artist, died when his first airplane trip ended in a crash in the China- Burma-India theater. (3) Gaston Madru, ace cameraman for MGM News of the Day, was killed by a German sniper in Leipzig in April, 1945. (4 ) Carl Thusgaard, died in New Guinea in 1943 representing Acme News Pictures. (5) Frank Prist, also representing Acme, photographed American Troops all the way from Buna in New Guinea to the Phillipines. He was killed by a Japanese sniper while waiting for replacement. (6) Damien Parer, Paramount News correspondent, died from Japanese machine gun fire on Peleliu. Before the Pacific, he had covered the Greece and Syrian campaigns.

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